Gustavo Gomes

Gustavo Gomes is a Brazilian street photographer. I was first drawn to his photos due to them being in colour, as most street photographers shoot in black and white due to wanting to mimic old street photographers such as Daido Moriyama. Also I think colours in street photography can sometimes take away from the image. If it doesn’t add to the scene it should be taken out. Image


However Gomes photographs all work with colour. They aren’t over powering but the colours set the scene, they are refreshing and I think are an interesting aspect to the surroundings.


I think colour is a vital part to this photo. Your eye is immediately drawn to the man in the red shirt and his expression. You then see him and this man opposite staring at each other, both looking quite threatening, this poses to ask the question what is about to happen. You then look at the next bit of colour, another man in a dull red shirt, I think it has been purposely been desaturated so you are not drawn to him straight away. He is staring straight at the camera, confused, wondering why this is being photographed and looks melodic and worried. Possibly because of the two males in front, eyeing each other up. The colour definitely enhances the mood in this photograph it focus’ to the main subject and I think it would be lost without; you would take longer to recognise the figures and expressions of the men on the tube. photographer: Gustavo Gomes on Flickr. 2014. Street photographer


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