James Maher

James Maher has posted many articles on shooting street photography, I like how he works, he finds an interesting place with lighting and setting he likes, then waits for something interesting to happen. I like how he uses lighting and how he constrains himself just to the available light around him to illuminate his images, that I like the most, it makes the image more realistic. I like the deep shadows and unusual light sources he uses to create his images.


This image of his is a perfect example of using the available light to create a interesting image. The light shining on the figures from the shop highlights their expressions and the important detail but brings out dark shadows giving a moody vibe and creating a personality to the figures who are otherwise unknown to him. The lighting gives the photograph an interesting atmosphere. The vibrant colours reflected on the wet pavement illuminate scene, it gives a lighter feel to the image and gives the image a more three dimensional look.


I like how he works with slower shutter speeds to add atmosphere to photos. This image is interesting with the moving trains on either side of the platform. Your eye follows the parallel lines to the vanishing point giving a sense of depth and scale. It leads your eye to the stationary post in the centre, which unfortunately is not directly central to the two trains, however this is part of this type of photography, it is purely chance and in the moment so might not be perfect. Never the less I think this is a cool image and I like it.

‘The human eye judges distance by the way lines and planes converge at an angle. This is known as linear perspective.’


This is my favourite image of Mehers. The woman in focus looks as though she is frozen in time, as though she has been waiting for years, she doesn’t look like she is from this time. She makes me think of someone from the war, waiting for her husband maybe. The blurred people around make me think of the time passing around her over the years. This is why I like his photos, its clever how they conjure up these ideas in your head, you try make a background story to the image. Even though they are complete strangers that don’t know the photo is being taken half the time, its clever how he waits for these opportunist moments and is able to find images like this in everyday life.




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