Instant Photography

I have really got into Polaroid photography. I love how they print and the effects you can achieve that give them this interesting, retro feel to them.


Joe Spence

I also like how raw and ‘real’ the pictures are, they are rarely edited so remain honest and original. I feel they have more character due to these traits, the imperfection of the image makes it more beautiful and interesting to view.

I have just bought a FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 as I wanted to experiment and try achieve more creative and interesting photos using it as I have never used any kind . I have been looking at different photographers that work with Polaroid such as Kimi Selfridge who uses instant film to document street style photography and fashion.


Kimi Selfridge

I like the pastel colours that come with Polaroid photography, the fuzziness and colour distortion is encouraged where as in digital and analogue you strive for focused and perfectly lit photographs. I like that if the picture is distorted and damaged while processing it adds to the photograph and gives it more character. The photos are always unique and I think this will be a good way of documenting my subjects.


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