Youngjun Koo




Younjun Koo is a street fashion photographer based in New York. 

‘Essentially, this website was created for everyone that has an appreciation for fashion and for me to showcase unique individuals on the street. The people that I have captured all tell an interesting story and ultimately, are the main characters of this website.’

I like how he takes each subject in 6 photographs, then presents them in vertically down, it breaks up the different parts of the outfit, featuring a full body photo, detail shots from head to toe and a portrait which shows the small detail you may not initially see.  I like how he uses a very shallow depth of field so all focus is on the subject and the background is a blur. It makes the photograph seem more three dimensional making the model really stand out. 

“Usually we look at the other person’s face, then look from head to toe and check their face again. So, that’s how I present my photos. I want to makes people feel like they’re really looking at the other person.”



The images are always really clear and every detail is prominent. He uses natural light rather than a flash to highlight his subject. I like this as the colours are true to the photograph.

The way he photographs his subject suggests he wants to show their personality as well as their style. The image above shows a cute happy character which reflects in her eccentric style. Below shows a well dressed guy with an obvious 1950’s style and a bit of a ‘bad ass’ attitude, Koo has captured this perfectly with a cigarette in hand and a sultry expression under his hat. 




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