Modern Day Documentation

It has become ever more popular for people to document their daily lives through social media and blogs, people photograph or write about anything like drinking a horrible milkshake to telling the world they are at their favourite gig.

Social media sites such as Instagram is a popular app where you can post images and videos of what you are doing, anytime, anywhere. It is known for people to document ‘ootd”s (outfit of the day) where they can show what and who they are wearing. People post pictures of food they are about to eat, or an empty plate. Posts showing what they are doing are very common, such as walking their dog, out with friends, what they are listening, where they are, etc.




Facebook and Twitter are closely linked to Instagram, allowing any thing posted to Instagram automatically to be uploaded to them simultaneously. This way all your family friends and followers can see an insight to your personal life.

‘Have you ever been so intent on taking a picture, be it a fireworks display, a sunset, or some other important moment, that you end up missing the experience as a whole? We’ve all done it, been so busy trying to capture and share a special event, to document it, that we did not live in that moment.’

 Our Virtual Shadow: Why We Are Obsessed with Documenting Our Lives Online

This quote asks us if we are taking documentation too far. Do we forget to enjoy the little things because we are too busy telling the world what it is we are doing? Its true. How can you enjoy a concert when your not dancing or singing, your trying to get the best photo of the band. You miss the point of being at the concert, to enjoy it, live in the moment. Yet we want everyone to know we are having a good time or and tweeting that you are enjoying the ice cream that is currently melting all over your jeans whilst your status is updated.

Social media is good for keeping in touch with family and friends, it lets them know what your up to. Posting pictures are even better as in a few clicks you can show everyone whats new in your life, which you may not of been able to explain over a phone call.

It is also becoming a must for brands and online shops, they can show their products and link it to others using the hashtag. A lot of bloggers buy products (clothing, makeup jewellery etc) and review them so their followers and friends can see what brands they use and then buy them. Stores sometimes send their items to successful bloggers so they review and promote them to their followers.

The recent social documentation app, Snapchat, is very interesting. I like that you can send photos and a caption to multiple people then it automatically deletes after a time period. Its far more exciting and spontaneous than Instagram or Facebook etc as the images are less set up and people cant ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ the image. Its there for people to enjoy for ten seconds then gone. You still get the same idea of what the person is up to but not with the stress of how many people like it or not. This I think frees people up a bit as they will send more personal and ‘real’ photos.

Snap Chat

Snap Chat


I do like how social media and documentation has made it possible to discover interesting people as well as being able to see into their lives. Through fashion blogging, people writing about their values and interests, I enjoy learning about their opinions, being inspired by it and following them. I just don’t think we need to be told every little thing in their lives like they are ‘totes loving life’ or ‘off to the gym to bulk’ and see photos of their dog every five minutes of every day…


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