Saturday Girl



Saturday Girl is a series of portraits of women in Leeds who express themselves through their hairstyles. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 16.43.33.png


Casey Orr shows how these girls use their hair to creatively express themselves, it shows individuality, ‘power and visibility in relation to women’.

‘I’m interested in exploring what hairstyles mean and, by collecting these portraits, to try to understand more about how we, as women, present ourselves – and to ask if this is related to how young women feel about themselves in terms of equality with men, job prospects and their ambitions for their own lives.’
Casey Orr


I feel she has really captured the models personalities in the photographs. They are all of people scouted from the streets of Leeds on a Saturday afternoon, so there is a range of characters and personalities. They may use their hair as a way of expression but she captures their personality through their expressions.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 17.23.35.png


I like the backdrops of the photographs, Casey Orr has used colourful pastels that I think are representative of the girls in the photos, quite fun, trying to be noticed and individual.



‘When you see crowds of them loitering round the town centre in any city it can be easy to just assume all these girls dress and look the same, but that is just not the case. Each one of them is a powerful woman in the making, carving out their persona with accessories and hairstyles bought with part-time job wages’

Liv Siddall

I think this exhibition shows this perfectly, it has a range of different characters and does exactly what Casey Orr set out to do and shows how young women can express themselves to get noticed and remembered.



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