Viviane Sassen


‘Bodies became part of a sculptural investigation, were linked to extensions in the form of objects and clothing, and were turned into an amorphous tangle.’

I like Sassens unusual way of photographing models, she creates unusual and confusing shapes that trick your mind. She shoots a lot of her models out doors where they don’t look like they belong, they don’t fit in with the surroundings, I like this idea of using these clashing variables.

The model isn’t in the obvious focus of the picture, but still stands out as she is pulling a very “fashion model’ pose. She is hidden by what looks like a random passer by, possibly not the photographers intention yet her boisterous pose and bright outfit draws attention away from the foreground woman and to the model. This is a very different way of photographing the subject but I quite like how spontaneous and odd it is that Sassen chose to use this picture rather than have just the model and the soul focus.




She uses mirrors in a lot of her images to get these surreal and confusing images. I think they work really well, they look as though the model is peaking out of a gap from a different universe. The angles of the horizon are really confusing and an interesting aspect to the images.



She manipulates the photos to confuse you and show a different and very contemporary angle to fashion photography. They dont make sense but still show what you want to see (the clothing) but adds an adventurous abstract theme. I like how much is considered in the images, she uses lighting, colour, reflection and most importantly composition to make these aspects all come together.


‘ Sassen can carry out a modernist research into form that has much in common with the formal experiments of cubism, surrealism and minimalism. Sassen can blithely cut out her models’ limbs and have them fly away into the background, add areas of colour to her images to stimulate the viewer’s imagination, or rotate her pictures to free them from the constraints of gravity.’



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