Jessica Backhaus

‘Backhaus takes photographs of left-behind objects and rooms devoid of people, lending significance to things usually cleared away or overlooked. Her images ask the viewer to imagine where, why, and who — writing a story that illustrates the transience of time.’

What Still Remains is a project by Jessica Backhaus where she explores lost or forgotten objects that seem to take on a life of their own and pose the question of how they got there. Its interesting how she can make these still life images of banal objects so intriguing. I think its really clever how she can take an image of rubbish like this bottle littered on the street and make it look surprisingly lovely. The colours and reflections make this image, they give a pastel, pretty look with the clouds reflecting in the puddle.



Her photographs are all very simplistic and minimal. I like this as even though the photo is of something we would normally overlook she manages to make them interesting and as though they have a story.

‘She manages to create a composition and a muted color palette out of random items, shadows and puddles. She picks details and meticulously frames the shots, centering on just enough information to incite the viewer’s imagination. ‘

I like that she uses reflection to give the photo more depth and detail, giving more clues to the background story of how the tennis ball got there.


I think this is my favourite images in this set, it is the one that makes me want to visit, find out who is there, where it is and what it is all about. It poses the question, what kind of people come to this remote cafe in the middle of nowhere? The table is set as they expect visitors but in the windows reflection you cant see anyone, no workers, just traces of life. I like the hand written sign on the window saying ‘ please don’t stand in front of the window!’, I don’t understand why this would be a necessary thing to state, its funny and confusing. Its almost a photograph of the beautiful landscape but given these small details of the cafe setting to make it more thought provoking and give it a sense of life.




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