Paolo Pellegrin: Storm






Paolo Pellegrin is a documentary photographer that usually shoots natural disaster and war zones, his book ‘Storm’ was his chance to “challenge to see if I could create something worthwhile in another field”. Although fashion is featured in the book his main idea of this series was to “make a more general statement on the environment and the state of the planet”. He has shown this through combining portraits and landscapes that tell a story of transformation.Image

“The story of the model is one of transformation. So she starts at the beginning of the magazine as nearly naked which works in parallel with the semi-deserted landscapes. Throughout the book, she is transformed as the landscape changes and becomes more man-made and at the end she is that woman with an armor. Also, I treated these fashion shoots more like a portrait session. I tried to introduce a psychological layer.”

I like this concept of the transition of the model with images of the landscapes becoming more man made. It shows natural beauty in both aspects (people and places) and how society is evolving.


The images are all very dramatic, the lighting being the key part in this. He uses singular direction lighting in a lot of his photos, creating dramatic shadows on the models I like this high contrast style he uses in his work.


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