David Armstrong


‘Night and Day presents a series of colour photographs by David Armstrong taken over a period of less than a year during 1979, as he was driving back and forth between New York and Provincetown. Known for his portraits, particularly of young, pretty men, Armstrong is true to form in this work capturing the style and lives of his friends and the scene at the time. With the hard flash of night shots, the excessive use of blush and bright pink lipstick characteristic of the period, and the feeling of freedom in old cars, the work comes across as a time of youth and parties.’


I like that the focus of his photographs is his friends at the time and the people he was around. It gives the photographs more of a personal feel, like an insight to his life and what he experienced. I like the series as a whole, I like the content and the composition on the subjects in the frame, however, I didn’t like how harsh the flash was in some of the images, it made them loose the atmosphere and makes you remember that it is just a photo- you don’t feel as connected to the image.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.47.20.png


I really like this image how he has taken it from above so it feels like you are stood watching the girl cut his hair as he is staring at you in the mirror. I like how he has included all these aspects to make it feel like you are part of the photograph.







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