Which way is the front line from here?



This documentary is an insight to photo-journalist, Tim Hetherington’s life. It shows his life in photography and who he was.
‘James Barabazon saying ‘He was just Tim… its very hard to find that’; and this is the key message of the film, ‘Hetherington wasn’t political or war orientated, he was a humanitarian trying to make the world a better place.’

‘Other photo-journalists capture what they see, Hetherington captures what the audience needs to see to bring humanity to the situation and try and make a change. ‘
His photos didn’t just show the war zones and disaster sites that he visited, he captured moments that brought clarity to the situation, a different light to the disaster. A good example of this is his ‘sleeping soldiers’ images that challenge our previous perceptions of soldiers being these brave strong men and remind us that they are just boys, this moment of innocence captured in the soldiers bunkers is unlike any other images captured by war photographers.





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