Philip-Lorca diCorcia

‘Photographs by American photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia feel like an out of body experience, as though you’re floating above your own life and seeing fresh the banality of every day. He humanises people you’ve ignored, or never thought about. His pictures are profoundly moving. Not that they’re entirely real. He’s the master of set up. His famous Hustler series is an ambiguous fiction of real life Los Angeles rent boys posing in hotel bedrooms or on the street. They’re staged but the characters are real, and were paid for their time.’

I like how he can set up these images to look like they are real moments, which they kind of are but he has ‘rearranged’ them to an image he likes better. I like this mix of using real people, not models, in their comfort zones and making them into an interesting image.



I love the lighting used in his images, he uses the light available to achieve the look of the image not being set up, even if they are some times quite dark the image is still as powerful. The images of the pole dancers are incredible, they have been frozen in time with dramatic shadows on their bodies showing their muscles tensed and highlighting their contours while they are dancing.

Philip-Lorca-diCorcia (1)

He is currently exhibiting at the Hepworth in Wakefield which I am looking forward to visiting during the next month.

I really like this image, it is quite different compared to his other images in the sense that it is quite light and the colours are mostly white.  I think its quite a symbolic picture though, ‘the calm before the storm’, she looks as though she has seen this hurricane on the news and is watching out for it to arrive. Its quite sad, you can see her straight expression in the windows reflection, it makes me think of equality between rich and poor, natural disasters like this cant be stopped by your wealth.



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