Nan Goldin

I have been told by quite a few people now to look at Nan Goldins work as apparently my work looks as though it is inspired by it. When first looking on google images at her work I was quite shocked by the nature of the photographs, mostly images of people with black eyes, transvestites and prostitutes.

Nan one month after being battered 1984 by Nan Goldin born 1953

Nan Goldin: ‘I didn’t care about “good” photography, I cared about complete honesty.’`

When reading more about Nan Goldin I started to understand the images, they all mark different points in Goldins life. She said she became ‘obsessed’ with new friends that she would constantly meet in New York, she would photograph them to ‘show them how beautiful they were’, she said she ‘accepted them as they saw themselves; I had no desire to unmask them with my camera.’ I like this, she was just documenting what she saw and what she wanted to keep as a memory of that time. She was completely involved with her photographs, she was living this life documented in her photographs.


‘There is a popular notion that the photographer is by nature a voyeur, the last one invited to the party. But I’m not crashing; this is my party. This is my family, my history. My desire is to preserve the sense of
people’s lives, to endow them with the strength and beauty I see in them. I want the people in my pictures to stare back. I want to show exactly what my world looks like, without glamorisation, without glorification. ‘

– Nan Goldin (Quoted in The Ballad of Sexual Dependency)



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