I made this blog back when I was in art college doing my foundation degree, it was a way for me to critically analyse works that I came across to show my tutors I wasn’t just sat about watching stupid videos on youtube all day with my peers. It seemed like a chore at the time and I didn’t really understand why my tutors thought it was important to do, but now in my last year at university I now understand what it means to be critical of others work, more than I did before anyway. It is slowly helping me to refine my own work and understand why I like what I like and will eventually help me realise and establish what kind of artist I want to be. I just wish I had continued posting my analogies here for the past two years rather than in sketchbooks which the whereabouts are unknown…

Hopefully now my journal posts will be two years better than before.. if not I will be asking my tutors what has gone wrong with my education and might give up for another two years…


Im plan to no longer be the boy in the red anorak standing watching but the feisty blonde lady who gets things done even if its messy and two feet taller than me.


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